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NEW! Treatment Choices

We don't like the thought that you will have to choose between treatments, and so we have created dynamic combinations for you that mean you won't miss out.They are generally longer lasting than our main menu; choose between 90 minute or 120 minutes when booking. We hope you enjoy choosing! These are bespoke treatments with particular therapistsso we advise advanced booking where possible.

Luxury massage cotswolds

Luxurious shiatsu-deep tissue with a Neals Yard Organic Facial

This is a deeply nourishing time for yourself on the therapy couch with oils and with the addition of gentle stretch and attention to the acupoints that make you feel good inside and out.

Once you are completely rela your therapist will flow into an organic luxury facial with Rose essential oils which are all about self-love. 

Give this much love to yourself, and there will definitely be more to go around!

Elmore Court-Laura Power, Spa _ Elmore Court-Laura Power Photography-0026_edited.jpg

Head, Neck and Shoulder massage with Indian Head massage with side stretches 

This is a very popular treatment to ease aching muscles, office tension and stress, and then follow up with delightful side postures that engage with the whole body leaving you feeling completely at ease with yourself and nurtured from top to toe.

Giulia CasaRosa2019 10.JPG

Deep Tissue Massage with Sound Healing


We are all different and our bodies respond to sound, colour, touch, smell and taste. Our therapists frequently use blended organic oils and other additions such as the sounds from tuning forks, tingshas, Tibetan bells and singing bowls. These are filled with deep resonance and longing and can produce an expansion of the   spirit. 


Luxurious facial, hot stones and healing chalice 

This is a treat for your birthday as the hot stones massage flows beautifully into the luxury facial, leaving your whole body feeling warm and deeply nourished.

The healing chalice then takes it to another level, taking you somewhere else, somewhere good, away from the world temporarily to return with a new spring in your step, knowing you have been deeply cherished.


Luxury pedicure with a foot massage and reflexology

This is everyone's favourite, but your feet can be left until last and then not given the attention they fully desire! Well, here is your chance. 

Your feet and lower legs will receive the full attention they deserve with brushing, exfoliation with organic Geranium and Orange scrub, heated booties and towels, foot massage, nail paint and a tidy so they feel like new!

This can be seated or lying on the couch, as you desire; a good one for less mobile friends and relatives?

Facial CS_edited.jpg

Rose quartz  
or Jade stone facial with melting
neck and shoulder massage

This can feel amazing!

In the way that a facial seems to refresh and enhance the whole body, the subtle power of crystal jade or rose quartz transforms the experience still further. 

In addition to facial toning, Indian head massage and the face mask, you will enjoy a deep tissue neck and shoulder massage, which will ease you back down to earth. 

Or if you prefer you can have the treatments the other way round!

Elmore Court-Laura Power, Spa _ Elmore Court-Laura Power Photography-0057.jpg

Blissful massage,  luxury facial and a whole body scrub

Who doesn't want this combination?

If only ....

Here it is with the possibilities that different kinds of massage bring; a brilliant shiny body scrub literally releasing you from the past, finishing with a lovely facial leaving you looking twenty years younger and feeling ready for the party in the evening, or the wedding the next day!

Whole body aroma unwind from Cotswold Spa mobile spa treatments


This is a combination of blended organic essential 

oils melted into coconut oil and dissolved into the skin or used as an inhalation as part of this very beautiful subtle treatment. As the hands heat up in contact with the skin, your body relaxes and begins to unwind; sometimes this is physical, and following the body's movements you will be brought back to centre; it can be energetic and feel Reiki-like which is deep, calming and balancing.

Hands will be placed on different areas of your body intuitively promoting either stillness or more dynamic movement, depending on your needs. 

It is combined with side stretches, pressure and an unwinding of the head and neck which can leave you feeling freer and quite transformed!


Join us on retreat in Umbria, or to a location of your choice.

Invite us to your woodland

wild swim and sauna

Enjoy massage outdoors!

Back massage from Cotswold Spa mobile spa treatments


You can book your mobile spa date, time and send payment directly by booking online. An email confirmation will follow.
If you have questions about your booking why not send us a quick message and we will quickly be in touch. 

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