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 Cotswold Spa Ltd     
Terms & Conditions 

Please Note: These are the standard terms and conditions, our therapists and location partners / affiliates may have additional specific terms. It is important you take time to read our terms and conditions, they describe our booking procedures and policies, and are ultimately here to protect both you and Cotswold Spa . If you have any further questions please call us on 07872 665710 or email us at

1. Definitions  In the following Terms, when a capital letter is used the meaning is as follows:
1.1.  We/Our/Us/CS –  Cotswold Spa Limited is a company registered in England and Wales,  whose registered office address is 46 Windmill Rd, Minchinhampton, Stroud, Glos GL6 9DZ 

1.2  When using the words “writing” or “written” in these Terms, We mean via e-mail unless otherwise stated;

1.3  Terms – the terms and conditions set out in the document below and any other terms provided to you by Us;

1.4  Treatment – massage and beauty services as provided by Cotswold Spa’s  freelance therapists;

1.5 Treatment Day – the date and time you request Our Treatment services;

1.6  The Cotswold Spa Enquiry – your request for Our services as made via our concierge team over the phone, via our online booking form or via one of our partners / affiliates.

1.7  The Cotswold Spa Treatment Schedule – the document in writing provided by Us to you detailing confirmation of your Treatment Day Booking once payment has been made, including details such as the Location, Treatment Day date, time, treatment choices and receipt;

1.8  Location – the location address be it a property, event location or other address where The Booking will take place as defined within the Cotswold Spa Booking Form.

1.9  When using the words “you”, “organiser”, “Guest Organiser” or “guest” in these Terms, We mean the customer, individual or person whom The Booking is made by or for.  We describe this person in our literature as the organiser or the Guest, and refer to the Guest Organiser “Guests” as the individuals who make up the party who will be receiving the treatments booked.

2. Delivery of Treatment Day

2.1  All beauty & massage therapy services delivered by Cotswold Spa Limited are for time periods pre-agreed at the point of booking.
2.2  Charges for additional guests after the initial booking will be at the same rate as the original service.

2.3  Please ensure that you read these Terms and Conditions carefully, and check that the details on your Cotswold Spa Booking Form and in these Terms are complete and accurate, before your Treatment Day date.  If you think there is a mistake or changes are required, please contact us to discuss.  We will confirm any changes in writing for the avoidance of doubt between yourself and Cotswold Spa. 

3. Cancellation Policy

3.1 Bookings incur a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total booking fee. This will be retained by Cotswold Spa in the event of a cancellation.

3.2 To confirm a booking, payment must be made in seven days once a therapist has been assigned. Failure to do so will result in the therapist being reassigned. This will ensure a therapist for your date; all event details will be confirmed in a Treatment Schedule sent to you upon payment.  

3.3 If you cancel your event We agree to a part refund subject to our Refunds policy (3.2).  

3.4 If you are booking based on a price per person and your group size changes, this may alter the price per head or provide more time per treatment; we recommend you request the Treatments and Prices doc. to ensure you are happy with our pricing before you make payment.  

3.5  On cancellation before  14 days prior to an event you are entitled to a full refund minus 20% booking fee. 

Cotswold Spa require a minimum of 14 days prior notice before an event for a 80% booking refund or alternatively a date change request by the guest (this will be subject to the availability of Cotswold Spa). 

3.6 If cancellation occurs within 14 days, then Cotswold Spa reserves the right to charge the guest for 80% of the agreed rate as a late cancellation fee. The refunded amounts will be payable within 28 days of written notification from the client. 

4. Confidentiality and Screening Disclaimers

4.1  Confidentiality: All information disclosed by a Customer, the Company, its employees or agents in connection with products or services will be treated in confidence and shall be treated by Cotswold Spa Limited as confidential and shall not without prior written consent of the Company be divulged to any person other than (on a confidential basis) those persons to whom it is necessary to supply such information.

4.2  Cotswold Spa Guest Health Record Form: Prior to receiving any service delivered on behalf of Cotswold Spa Limited is the completion of the Cotswold Spa Guest Health Record Form. This details the nature of any medical conditions the customer may have at the time of the service, and will be given to the therapist prior to treatment. A signature is required as a statement of agreement to the delivery of the service under these conditions.  It is important that We are notified in advance of any health considerations, please see clause 6.1.3 Health Notifications for details.

4.3  Privacy Statement: All guests’ details held are solely used by Cotswold Spa and shall not be disclosed to any third parties. From time to time We will send out a newsletter in writing and if you do not wish to receive such information please let Us know.

5. Booking Conditions & Payment



5.1 Clients can confirm Booking with a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total fee or pay the full fee. The remainder is payable up to one month prior to the booking date; for larger groups with multiple therapists the remainder is to be paid a month after payment of the initial deposit. sUntil full payment is received this is considered a preliminary booking and the date requested can remain available for another party to book. All fees include VAT.

5.2  Booking Confirmation: All Treatment Day Booking requests are handled as quickly and effectively as possible.  We will allocate our available therapist/s to the Treatment Day Booking as soon as We are able to confirm the therapist/s availability.  On occasion this can take time to contact those therapists in the surrounding area to your requested location.  If We are unable to provide a therapist/s for your requested time/date We will try to offer an alternative time/date.  If this is not suitable then We will arrange a refund; please allow sufficient time (working days and allow for bank holidays) for this refund to be processed either by Our team or via Our affiliates/partners teams.

5.2.1  Payment: These can be made via Paypal. Credit card payments can be made by Master Card, Visa/Visa Debit. Please be aware that credit cards are charged at 2.95% for Visa & 2.5% for MasterCard of your total invoice. There is no charge for debit cards. You can also visit our online payments page where you can process your payment.

5.2.2  Bank Transfer – to Barclays, G A Holland: sort code 20 22 67 account number 60212768.  Please quote your Cotswold Spa reference to identify your payment. We will take all reasonable care, in so far as it is in our power to do so, to keep the details of your order and payment secure, but in the absence of negligence on our part We cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party procures unauthorised access to any data you provide when accessing or ordering from the Site.

5.3  Feedback: In order for Us to continually improve and offer the best possible service, We welcome all feedback and comments for Our website. It is valuable to Us, so please send Us an email or fill in our questionnaire sent to you after the event.  We ask if you are happy for Us to share these comments with Our partner companies and on Our social media channels, if you reply “no” then your comments will not be shared, however if you reply “yes” then your comments may be publicly displayed on Our website, social media channels or on our partners’ marketing materials.

5.4  Therapists’ Qualifications and Liability:  Our talented team specialise in a variety of different therapies (massage, beauty and holistic), so Our treatments are subject to availability.  Our therapists are qualified, trained and in-house trade tested with Cotswold Spa.  Each therapist is freelance and holds their own liability insurance for your peace of mind.  Also see clause 6.1.7 Therapist Allocation:

5.5  Issues and Complaints: Please note that it is important to give feedback to your therapist during your treatment so that they can have the opportunity to assist with your request/issue.  If the therapist has not been informed of the issue at the time, then we are unable to deal with this after the event in an effective manner.  Please contact Cotswold Spa if your therapist has been unable to resolve your complaint/issue at the time and We will investigate the issue/complaint promptly.  Should the nature of the complaint be serious then written notification should be posted to Cotswold Spa.

5.6  Important Notice: Our therapists uphold strict professional and ethical standards. Any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or advances will result in immediate termination of service. You will be liable for full payment of scheduled service. Therapists will refuse or terminate treatment if any of the following apply: –  Misconduct such as solicitation or suggestive comments –  Broken skin or lesions –  Any medical conditions not mentioned at the time of reservation –  Intoxication

5.7  Children: Please understand that children under the age of 16 cannot receive treatments from Our standard holistic and well-being treatment menu, safety always comes first.  For guests under 16 years old however, We can offer the following: facial, mini massage, hand or feet treat, or child’s nail paint.  Any person under 16 years old must have a parent or guardian to consent and sign the Cotswold Spa Guest Health Record Form on their behalf prior to treatment. The parent or guardian must be present for the duration of treatment.

5.8  Mobile Telephones: All mobile phones must be switched off during treatments.

5.9  Gratuities Policy: Your personal recommendation is our best reward, however We do not object to gratuities to the therapists.

5.10  Website / Brochure Details: Cotswold Spa Ltd aims to ensure that the information provided is accurately conveyed in the website/brochure and other promotional literature and materials produced and circulated.  However, the information and prices in this website/brochure/other material may have changed by the time of booking.  Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the website/brochure/other material and prices at the time of printing, changes and errors do occasionally occur. The guests must therefore check all details of their chosen arrangements with Cotswold Spa at the time of booking.

5.11  Products: Where possible We endeavour to use organic products, however there will be occasions where this is not possible for example when using nail polish and nail varnish remover.

5.12  Gift Vouchers: Gift vouchers can be purchased offering a range of treatment/s to the value of your choice. They make ideal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, valentines’ or Christmas. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and are non-transferable and non-refundable.

5.13  Pricing: We reserve the right to vary the prices of the treatment packages which we offer according to partner agreements, location, seasonality, offers and therapist availability.  You will be advised of the cost of the treatments or treatment package at the time of booking.  Please be aware that if your party/group size changes and the pricing has been agreed based on a price per person, then this will change the pricing due to our pricing structure.

6. Your Responsibilities (as Guest Organiser)

6.1.1  Payment: If booking direct with Cotswold Spa, The Guest Organiser will pay in full for the treatment day.  See 3. Cancellations

6.1.2  Location / Property Address Details: As Guest Organiser, you are responsible for providing us and your Guests with accurate details for the treatment day.  This includes checking any of the confirmation emails containing information regarding your booking such as date, arrival time, location, package booked etc.  The Guest Organiser shall be required to provide two contact numbers at the point of booking, including one which will be contactable on the day, usually a mobile number.  It is important that Our therapists are able to contact you on the day in the event of needing to notify you of any special circumstances that arise.
6.1.3  Health Notifications: The Guest Organiser should state if they or another Guest/s has any medical condition and/ or if they are pregnant before making a booking (or as soon as this information becomes available if a booking has already been placed).  The Guest Organiser acknowledges that not all treatment/s will be suitable for a Guest who is pregnant, or perhaps has a disability or illness, in which case a doctor’s note may be required in order to receive treatments. Please be aware; for safety reasons Our therapists treatment beds have a weight capacity of approx. 20 stone / 280 lb / 127 kg and length of approx. 6 foot. Should your measurements exceed this, please let Our team know and We can suggest alternative arrangements for your treatments. All guests will be required to complete a Cotswold Spa Guest Health Record Form prior to receiving their treatment. However for specific health concerns we require 7 days notice in order to ensure our therapist/s are sufficiently prepared and qualified to handle any concerns.  If due notice has not been given, Our therapists reserve the right to refuse treatment and We are sorry but you will be unable to request a refund.  Please see clause 4.2 & 5.7 for further details.

6.1.4   Fees: All fees for services arranged are to be pre-paid to Cotswold Spa Ltd, and the Guest Organiser will be bound by this price even if Guests choose not to have their treatment/s. If the booking is last minute, Cotswold Spa advises that you communicate directly with the office to ascertain the availability of a therapist before making a payment. Once this has been confirmed We require the fees to be paid in full at least 24 hours before the arrival time of Our therapist. Failure to make payment will result in booking cancellation and the associated charges will be applied.  Also see clause 3. Cancellation Policy and 5.13 Pricing.

6.1.5  Changes to Booking:  Changes made to the Guest Treatment Form, treatment/s or change of address with less than 48 hours’ notice may result in the termination of the treatment day with no refund.  Cotswold Spa will try to accommodate changes with less than 48 hours’ notice, however, the Guest Organiser may incur an administration fee and We are unable to guarantee that the allocated therapist/s is qualified in the new/changed treatments, however alternative treatments can usually be recommended.

6.1.6  Cotswold Spa Booking & Cancellation: Please see clause 5 for further details regarding booking and cancellation.

6.1.7  Therapist Allocation:  Prior to your treatment day, We will allocate Our therapist/s to your booking.  We will await your treatment choices, and advise you that the treatments your therapist/s is able to offer are subject to their qualifications.  If the allocated therapist/s is unable to offer your chosen treatments, then We will offer alternative treatment suggestions, or We will advise if We have an alternative qualified therapist/s that can deliver these treatments at the requested time and date, or offer alternative times or dates that we have available.  We will obtain all relevant work permits, qualifications and insurance documents as required by law in relation to engagement of a therapist/s.  The Guest Organiser is aware that the therapists provided are not employees of Cotswold Spa Ltd. Our therapists are self-employed and hold their own public liability insurance.

6.2 The Treatment Day

6.2.1  Therapist Arrival Time: In order to make sure your treatment room is set up properly for your pamper session; your therapist will need to arrive approximately half an hour before your treatments are due to start as per the Booking Form. During this time, he/she will make sure the treatment bed is heated and that your oils and warm towels are ready.

6.2.2  Therapist Arrival: The Cotswold Spa therapist/s is welcomed by the Guest Organiser upon arrival. If available, We ask that you please reserve a car parking space at the property for your therapist to unload their equipment safely.  Assistance will be required with any heavy equipment on stairs please.

6.2.3  Timings: The Guest Organiser will ensure that Guest/s arrives in time for their pre scheduled treatment/s. The freelance therapist/s will make every effort to accommodate any changes due to lateness but in such an event Cotswold Spa will have no liability for any loss of treatment/s time.

6.2.4  Scheduled Therapist Breaks: The Guest Organiser should be aware that the therapist/s is entitled to pre-scheduled breaks during the course of the treatment day. Although We may not have allocated breaks for the therapist, please respect that pampering can be hard work, so in between a more strenuous treatment/s i.e. massage, the therapist/s may require a short break.

6.2.5  Delays: We have the right to charge the Guest Organiser or Guest/s responsible for delays of more than 30 minutes from the agreed Guest Treatment Form. The amount of £10.00 for every 30 minutes delay should be paid to Cotswold Spa Ltd. Alternatively, the delayed time cost can be deducted across all Guest/s treatments.

6.2.6  Room Set Up: The Guest Organiser will ensure that adequate space is provided for the therapist to perform their treatment/s.  We suggest that all treatments are to be carried out in double bedrooms and that any over flow in another bedroom or the living room.  Our therapists use 6 foot heated treatment beds for a lot of our treatments, so please ensure there is adequate room for the therapist/s to walk around them.  The therapist will require access to power and fresh, warm water.

6.2.7  Welcome Chat: Before your treatments begin, your therapist will have a small chat with you all about the day, so please inform your party of the planned event prior to treatments.

6.2.8  Guest Health Record Form: The Guest Organiser will ensure that all Guest/s have signed the appropriate health questionnaires prior to receiving treatment/s. These will have been sent to you by email prior to your treatment day and are also available online. Therapists are not responsible for any allergic reactions if consent has been given for treatment/s and allergies were not declared.

6.2.9  What to Wear: We would like you and your Guests to be as cosy and comfortable as possible, so We suggest that wearing a dressing gown is perfect for the event. If you would be more comfortable to cover up a little more, pyjamas are an ideal second option. It’s nice to keep your feet cosy and warm prior to your treatment, so either some thick socks or slippers will make sure of this.

6.2.10  Jewellery:  We ask that you take all jewellery off so that Our therapists can work without any restrictions. We ask that you put anything like this in a safe place, as we cannot accept responsibility for anything that gets lost or damaged.

6.2.11  Hot Tubs: If you are staying in a location that has hot tub facilities, We advise you use them prior to treatments in order to warm up & relax your muscles. Our products & oils are organic and kind to the environment, but please if you do wish to use the hot tub straight after treatments ensure you take a shower, thank you. Warning: Freshly painted nails can, and most likely will, bubble in the hot tub.  Every customers’ nails are different so drying times vary.  They need a minimum of 3 to 4 hours drying time.

6.2.12  Food and Drink: It can be difficult to fully enjoy your lovely treatments on a full stomach, so We ask that you have something light to eat beforehand. It’s a good idea to have plenty of refreshments available for after the pampering session, so that your body can feel truly indulged.

6.6.10  Alcohol: We are aware that treatment days are social events, however, We ask that the Guest Organiser take all responsibilities to ensure that Guest/s limit their intake of alcoholic beverages prior to receiving treatment/s.  The legal limit for driving is a suitable guideline.  Therapist/s may refuse treatment/s to any Guest Organiser or Guest/s if the therapist/s believe too much alcohol has been consumed before treatment/s.  Therapist/s are within their rights not to offer treatment/s to the Guest/s/concerned, should their behaviour be inappropriate or under the influence of drugs, with no refund.

6.6.13  Smoking: Freelance therapists require a smoke free environment.

6.6.14  Ambience: Although We try very hard to make your treatments as relaxed and peaceful as possible, We will not be liable for ambience of a treatment day due to the location/room chosen for treatment/s, as this is not provided by Us.

6.6.15  Completion of the Treatment Day: We will do Our upmost to insure the completion of the engagement in its entirety.  If any therapist/s is unable to perform his or her full engagement due to sickness, injury, or any other reason, We will use all resources necessary by providing an alternative therapist/s. Should any part of the engagement not be fulfilled in its entirety by Us, We will deduct on a pro-rata basis the cost of the unfulfilled proportion of the engagement.

6.6.16  Losses and Expenses: We shall not be liable to the Guest Organiser or Guest/s for any loss, injury, damage, expense or delay suffered by the Guest Organiser or the Guests. This exclusion shall extend (but not be limited) to the consequences of any act or omission (whether wilful, negligent, reckless, dishonest or otherwise) which takes place during the treatment day on the part of the freelance therapist/s or the Guest Organiser or the Guest/s. The Guest Organiser acknowledges that Our charges are set on the basis that it has no such liability. If you have any further questions please do call us on 01453 889184 or email us at prior to your day, thank you.

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