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Treatment Choices

Full body deep tissue massage from Cotswold Spa mobile spa treatments

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage

It is your time, and you choose the kind of full body deep tissue massage you feel like.  You may prefer specific areas to be your focus, or you may want a gentle approach. Our therapists will respond to what you need on the day, whether you have an injury, chronic problem, want to relax with oils or have something much deeper.

Blissful back massage from Cotswold Spa mobile massage

Blissful Back Massage

This is a very popular treatment to ease aching muscles, office tension and stress. It can go as deep as you like, with body brushing and exfoliation with Geranium and Orange Scrub and Coconut oil. Booking as a group? This option can work well with you all having 20 or 30 minutes each.

Luxurious facials from Cotswold Spa mobile spa treatments

Luxurious Facials

Precious Damask Rose Oil is the essence for our luxurious facials. From Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies, this will help replenish moisture levels and boost the skin’s natural radiance using a combination of organic skin-nourishing oils, rich in essential nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins.

Shiatsu treatments from Cotswold Spa mobile massage


Shiatsu is a way to assist the natural healing power that resides in everyone. It is a Japanese form of bodywork, that uses touch on traditional acupuncture points, it includes stretches and massage techniques to balance the body and mind. Shiatsu treatments are carried out on a futon on the floor. Various techniques will include using the hands, elbows and knees to massage the body, as well as more gentle touch. 

Shiatsu Facials

No products are used for this deeply refreshing treatment affecting the whole body, using the magic of the face.

Food and hand treatments from Cotswold Spa mobile massage

Foot and Hand Treats

Foot or hand treats can be a seated massage with hot towels and a choice of essential oils. They include brushing and exfoliation with Geranium and Orange scrub from Neals Yard Organic Remedies - followed by Butter Cream, all organic of course - why not combine with a manicure and pedicure?

Manicure and Pedicure

Wonderful for the finishing touches, for children to take part - can include a leg/arm brush, exfoliate and massage.

Cherishing pregnancy massage from Cotswold Spa mobile massage

Cherishing Pregnancy Massage

Please remember to tell us if you are before or after 12 weeks - either way enjoy a much-needed massage.

Hot stones massage from Cotswold Spa mobile spa treatments

Hot Stones Massage

This ancient technique of massaging the body with hot black basalt stones is very popular as it combines deep pressure and heat. A stroke with hot stones is said to be ten times that of a normal massage. It is wonderful for the joints and overall wellbeing, invoking such a very deep relaxation.

Nails - 1.jpg

Manicure and Pedicure

Enjoy beautiful nails whilst away on your holiday in the Cotswolds. Combine this treat with an arm or leg body brush, massage , exfoliate with Neal's Yard Organic Creams and then a polish and file to create an hour of bliss.

Cotswold Spa leg stretches.jpeg

Thai Yoga Massage


Associated with the Northern style of ancient thai massage from the Chiang Mai region, it concentrates on yoga stretching, compressions, releasing tension in the musculo-skeletal system and the joints. It is practised on a futon on the floor fully clothed, allowing the practitioner to use their whole weight and includes postures that are not possible on a couch.  It also works with energetic pathways similar to Chinese meridians, called sen lines which provide a contrasting stillness to the more dynamic stretches and postures. This is how it can be suited to all body types and levels of fitness.

New face photo cs - 1.jpg

Japanese Rejuvenating Shiatsu Facials

This is a deep, extraordinary facial that uses no products, but uses the Chinese acupressure points on the face in a gentle, facial massage that has the power to transform the whole body. The head naturally moves in response to the massage, helping your neck to unwind and this can be combined with a delightful shoulder stretch and release giving you a complete make-over!

Indian head massage from Cotswold Spa mobile spa treatments

Indian Head Massage

This is a lovely option as it's a combination of massage and acupressure points which if you love your hair and scalp being touched is heaven. 
It can combine well with a head, neck and shoulder Unwind or an organic facial .

Whole body aroma unwind from Cotswold Spa mobile spa treatments

Whole Body Aroma Unwind

An energy balance of the whole body, including chakras and subtle energy bodies in the skilled hands of your practitioner, you will feel transformed and possibly enlightened by the end!

Enjoy a creamy, luxurious blend of organic Shea and Cocoa butters, infused with an aromatic blend of Rose, Orange flower or Frankincense oil for luxurious relaxation.

leah hill fort (263)a.JPG



Delicious sessions that really offer a beautifully rounded 2hr experience; it breaks down as 1 hr yoga, 30mins yoga nidra (deep relaxation and creative visualisation) 20 mins of gong bath and 10mins integration back into the present moment. This can be part of your hen party experience setting the tone for a truly relaxing weekend, for your retreat or time away with friends and family.

Friends and family yoga!

- Happy Client -

"I have had many massages here and on the continent. This was by far the best - I have never had an experience quite like it. "

Cotswold Spa organic mobile spa treatments and massage
Back massage from Cotswold Spa mobile spa treatments


You can book your mobile spa date, time and send payment directly by booking online. An email confirmation will follow.
If you have questions about your booking why not send us a quick message and we will quickly be in touch. 

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