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Cherishing Pregnancy Massage

As a culture I think we have become afraid of pregnancy, and particularly pregnancy massage, when in fact this is a time when you may need it most! This weekend I was lucky to be part of a pregnancy retreat in Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire (

A pregnant lady looking happy and supported having her pregnancy massage

Like many of the beautiful spaces I go to with Cotswold spa it isn't hard to create the perfect atmosphere for a blissful back massage, luxurious facial or head and neck unwind. Mist was rolling off the forest into the valley, rosy red apples on an ancient apple tree, open fire, beautiful touches in the bathrooms and conservatory.

I really felt I was sharing in their experience of slowing their lives down, changing gear and enjoying those moments of time to think and plan and to be. There are very few times like this to ourselves, to reflect.

You could always invite Cotswold spa to come round to your retreat, or holiday home and we can do much the same thing, and you don't have to be pregnant!

If you are here are some of my own pregnancy tips -

1 Feel into your decision-making, the "what's right for you" place just at the top of your ribs below the chest; when you get another helpful piece of advice, check in there!! If it feels up and affirmative, (a sigh or expansive sensation) great, if it is the opposite and the energy drops notice this too.

2 Watch what they call in Traditional Chinese Medecine, 'inner heat' - this is good for the baby probably, but once born not so good for you! The wrong flora accompanied by habits from pregnancy can lead to unpleasant symptoms in particular Candida in your nipples - Oh No!

3 Ingest plant oils particularly those grown regionally to you - Walnut and Hazlenut being obvious examples. you can ingest them, best last thing at night or bath in them with a little milk (to protect the bath) - much more relaxing. They help with repair and are particularly good for the skin, and you might avoid stretch marks for good.

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