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At Elmore Court: " Amazing food, fine wine, boundless music and a large slice of love "

The Gillyflower at Elmore Court, photo by Eve Dunlop

Cotswold Spa offer mobile spa treatments at this unique and award winning Wedding and Events Venue in Gloucestershire. It feels like family and is run by the wonderful E team; they accommodate us and you with ease, a warm welcome and the essentials to make your wedding full of sparkle amidst the serenity of its eight hundred year old house and grounds.

Cotswold Spa is fortunate enough to provide luxurious treatments for couples the night before the wedding or during your stay. Book in advance the number of hours you want to divide among those guests who want facials, body scrubs, massage, shiatsu or a combination to savour the moment before the big day. We have bridal packages which make delightful gifts for the bride and groom, and your whole family can book the Coach House as part of your wedding accommodation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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