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Time Out for Two!

This is Time Out for Two with a difference - One option we like to offer you is a Pure Mind Relax treat, so you can divide the time you buy amongst your friends, and you each have maybe 20, 30 or 60 minutes, and the whole group receives a treatment.

If you are a couple, it's your pre-wedding treat or two friends spending time together after years of not seeing each other - how about having the Time out for Two option, in which you will receive the following special treats:

Your own personal therapist - one each!

A bottle of sparkling wine

A little luxury box of chocolates for two

All parcelled up and in a bag for two, to follow your Blissful back, neck and shoulders, Aroma Unwind or Classic Holistic Facial with Neal's Yard Organic products. You can mix and match too, so that your feet and your face get special attention. I am picturing you sitting on a sofa of a very pretty conservatory, wearing fluffy dressing gowns and slippers, and there's the sound of your raucous laughter echoing through the house. Life has never seemed so relaxed! Perfect....

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