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What is a mobile spa?

Our version of a mobile spa is massage at its best, in the comfort of your own B and B or holiday home - it is entirely Gloucestershire-based.

Body brush, Neals Yard Organic remedies and candles

I realised over the last couple of years how ingenious people are being with their weekends and special celebrations!

Is this new? I don't know, but choosing country locations and areas of outstanding beauty is the first essential ingredient, friends and family being another.

I was very touched when going to one property where three generations of one family were celebrating the recovery from cancer of their mother....muddy boots by the door, children playing in the hot tub and more than one dad working out jigsaw puzzles on the floor. These beautifully adapted properties make for very warm relaxing spaces to be, where everyone's needs can be met.

What better than to invite into the space a mobile spa company, complete with the right music, heated blanket, fluffy towels and candles, and be able to choose from a delicious selection of treatments to suit everyone?

A twenty minute nail polish for a teenager, a foot treat for grandma, a luxurious facial or unique Cotswold Spa massage for Mums and Dads. We have male as well as female therapists all of whom stand out from the rest because they are bodyworkers first. This means they have years of experience in making you feel relaxed and much lighter.

Guests have experienced a wider range of movement, and a depth to the spa massage that some have described as "faultless" - specialist techniques can include Myofascial Release and Shiatsu-style table massage as well as a deeper quality that comes with healing hands and can put you into a completely altered state.

Here's my recommendation for a place that might as well be a log cabin abroad (but without all the travelling!): It is family run with space, quiet and a lake; it has a feel for the outdoors and the countryside (no need for too many signs and tribulation)with its birds, an otter, hot tubs and really beautifully solid cabins laid out for privacy and tranquility.

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