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This Could Be You!

A very beautiful bride!

The night before the big day. I am always so excited when I walk in to the Coach House at Elmore Court (in Gloucestershire) and love to share this moment. This is Milly who was surprised by her fella, Olly, with 15 minute treatments for each member of her party (ten in all).

I adapted how I usually work and gave each person a simple deep balance which left them all feeling amazing, and slightly surprised at how chilled they felt! You can do a lot in a short time, and most of Cotswold Spa's therapists have healing hands and take pride in being part of this very special time in your does it work?

It works best when there is a group of you and you buy a block of time. Say you arrive at Elmore at 3, we can be set up by 4, and you can book treatments from 15 minutes to 40 minutes for each person, and fit them all in in the time.

Olly bought three hours, and fitted ten peeps into that, and everyone ate pizza round the kitchen table throughout. (Fat Toni's from Stroud - lovely!)

Heads up, we are creating a Hall of Fame on this site and hope to have a photo of every bride and groom so that we can also enjoy their afterglow as they emerge on the other side of their life together.

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